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Dr. Angelica Wagner, who founded Grace Center for Healing, is an Integrative Wellness Specialist & Medical Researcher and 1st Runner Up Health Innovator of the Year who talks us about PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injuries, ADD, ADHD, Addiction and how she helps her clients Completely recover with noninvasive procedures and methods that she both learned about and discovered. She also shows us two devices that she uses: one that sends sound frequencies into the ear and another, which was used at Harvard School of Medicine, sends light frequencies into different lobes of the brain. I was able to also speak with one of her clients who told me about how she had been to countless Medical Doctors who could not help her at all and just kept referring her around until she finally found Dr. Angelica Wagner and was able to Finally recover from her Brain Trauma induced migraines and also improve other aspects of her health and life in general. -

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